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20+ Years of Marketing and Sales Experience set us apart.

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Saves lives, through digital growth strategies that find patients who truly need help now. 

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Leads, Responses, Scheduling, Appointments, Sales  & Tracking​

Speed to lead is the key to increasing your closing rates. Automated voice, text, and e-mail responses help tremendously, but so does quick human follow-ups. 

  • Do you know where you tend to break down in your marketing & lead processes?

  • Have you tried working backward from your closed sales?


Social Eye Media targets audiences based on buying behaviors and triggers, not just demographics & geofencing.  We offer very predictable and repeatable outcomes based on budget and sales automation willingness.

Be Found is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Did you know Google actually has two separate algorithms? 

  • One for local search via mobile or near me and national search. 

  • Which one do you think is easier to rank in? 

Digital Marketing - be found™

    Automation - speed to lead™

Healthcare Practice - Starting at 2 + New Patients a week.

Software Design-Dev. - Min. 3 + New Projects Request a week.

Sell me on... Nothing just tell me a story and how it applies to what I can do better to achieve the desired outcome I have agreed with you on… ~ Jerry Hall |  Founder

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