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Google dominated 87% of organic searches and 74% of paid searches in 2021 most with intent to buy now.

Social Eye Media (SEM) markets your company as we do here by prioritizing free inbound marketing leads & tracking results

How we do it

Mastery in Google keyword content marketing, reviews, backlinks and social media.

Our Unique Value

No contracts because we earn your business each month.

YOur Results

More organic (free) website leads with continued growth.

Guaranteed More Free Google Leads

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Jerry Hall | Founder | Google Guy

- Residual marketing is the smart way I grow your business and mine.

When I started SEM in 2017, I noticed quickly that close to 80% of my client's website leads were coming from Google organic (free) searches.

30-Day Website Build Guarantee

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Social Eye Media, SEO & Website Design company has tremendous success with SMB in B2C and B2B with locations. Offering combinations of all digital marketing strategies that are customized to your industry & budget.

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