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What is content marketing?


In simple terms, Content Marketing is writing content to rank for Google's organic searches. The digital content has to be original and not be repeated anywhere else in the digital realm. 

The goal is to get free leads by aligning these top keyword searches (problems) with your solutions. Unlike ads, content marketing doesn't stop the moment you stop paying. It is an initial investment that will pay dividends many years to come.

Businesses use content marketing as future payoffs of residue leads. This payback, if done correctly, is usually under six months but keeps going for many years to come. Next time you find yourself reading an article, half the articles tends to be 1-5 years old unless you actively search for something in 2021.

SEO gets a bad wrap because many SEO companies are only doing the easy work like update meta title tags and speeding up your website. If they are not making content, posting, creating backlinks, or showing accurate results, just a big waste of money. 

Here at SEM, we have fine-tuned our results through many years of agile content marketing. SEM knows how to do post correctly to Google My Business. Rank your website site pages, articles (off-page), and blogs. We also look at what keywords you can rank for and can not. 

Having quality written articles is one component, but so are credible backlinks and Google SEO engineering. We take care of everything so you can close and service the leads you receive.

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