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When it comes to your business you want only the best. For digital marketing, there’s only one choice, Social Eye Media.


Professional Digital Marketing Boosts Leads and Conversions For Your Local Business

Businesses who implement professional SEO and digital marketing tactics are harnessing the 80% of consumers that only search for new business options online. If you are depending on traditional marketing methods you’re leaving money on the table.


But, doing your own SEO and digital marketing is very confusing and time-consuming. It takes a lot of experience and know-how to keep up and understand the intricacies of ranking in search.


Let our professional team of Healthcare digital marketers handle your campaign. We will get you the results you deserve in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken you to do it.


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Have More Personalized Conversations & Close More Deals

On average, businesses take up to 48 hours to respond to a new lead. We solve this problem by combining multiple channels into one interface, which will help to streamline your communication. With easy access to all of your channels, responding to leads is super FAST!


Key Features

  • Communicate with leads and customers across multiple channels (Text, Email, VoiceMail, Facebook Messenger, and MORE)

  • Streamline multiple conversations from multiple platforms all within one screen

  • Easily assign leads, create notes, and set reminders​​​

Create Inbound & Outbound Campaigns To Generate More Sales

Did you know that most businesses only send out emails to follow up with their leads?

But out of the hundreds of emails, they send out, only 5% respond to their message. We solve this problem by allowing you to easily create SMART Automation Campaigns that interact across multiple channels. Clients currently utilizing our solutions receive a 55%-75% response rate through their campaigns.


Key Features

  • Create SMART Automation Campaigns FAST (Text, Email, VoiceMail, Facebook Messenger, and MORE)

  • Add a personal touch using our SMART list technology

  • ​Copy automation sequence and workflows

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500+ Integrations

Google, Facebook, WordPress, Click funnels and Pipedrive.

Why don't digital leads work in our area

“Digital leads don’t work in our area” is an absolute statement that we can both agree is not true, right?  Instead, we could say digital leads haven't worked for you, right?

Because we can both agree that it can work, and it does work because that’s why Google and Facebook are almost trillion-dollar companies. That doesn’t happen if it doesn’t work, right? It does work for some people under specific circumstances.


So, wouldn’t it help you to at least understand maybe why it didn’t work?


Let’s talk about what you’ve tried, how much you’ve spent, and how many people you work with.  And there may be some very simple things that weren’t done correctly, right? Let’s say we have a 26-digit code. I can have 25 letters correct. If the last one is wrong, guess what -- incorrect password. All the right things have to be in place.


So why don’t we first do a postmortem on what you did do?

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