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Foot Traffic-Geofencing

Geo-Fencing - Proximity Marketing

Send exclusive offers to customers based on their location.

Digital Reward Kiosks

Our flagship loyalty and text message engagement product helps businesses gain and retain customers like never before.

  • Grow Customer Lists

  • Auto-Pilot Marketing

  • Text & Email Marketing

  • Grow Social & Reviews

NFC Loyalty Punch Card App

NFC is the newest technology in loyalty. Consumers just tap

their phone to a sticker and the app automatically punches the

card or plays a game.

  • NFC Technology (Tap)

  • Automated Offers

  • Spin to Win

Text marketing is the most effective way for businesses to engage customers and drive them into their store.

  • 99% Open Rate

  • Text Deals & Offers

  • Contests

  • Keywords

Don't Miss Out !  All mid-size and big stores have a loyalty card program for a reason.  It creates repeat business very inexpensively. 

Schedule a demo now

Priced right, Works great, is standalone & setup takes minutes. Oh, no contract either.

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Some of our valued clients 

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