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Do Online Leads or Digital Leads Work?

Digital leads don’t work in our area” is an absolute statement that we can both agree is not true, right? Instead, we could say digital leads haven't worked for you, right?

Because we can both agree that it can work, and it does work because that’s why Google and Facebook are almost trillion-dollar companies. That doesn’t happen if it doesn’t work, right? It does work for some people under specific circumstances.

So, wouldn’t it help you to at least understand maybe why it didn’t work?

Let’s talk about what you’ve tried, how much you’ve spent, and how many people you work with. And there may be some very simple things that weren’t done correctly, right? Let’s say we have a 26-digit code. I can have 25 letters correct. If the last one is wrong, guess what -- incorrect password. All the right things have to be in place.

So why not due a postmortem on what you did do right and more importantly wrong. This is called validated learning which is the only way to innovate.

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