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The Benefits of a Digital Marketing Agency Chicago

Digital marketing has become as vital as ever, two years after COVID-19 changed the world. However, businesses who still rely on traditional marketing methods will attest that without a solid online presence, things go awry – in a sustained manner.

As Chicagoland and surrounding locales move cautiously into the new normal, there is an even more significant need to engage with audiences online through social media, blogs, video marketing, etc. These are interconnected areas under the general umbrella of digital marketing. Unfortunately, an estimated 1/3 of all US businesses still do not have a website, much less a solid digital presence.

Digital marketing offers businesses a chance to scale and reach more audiences despite the uncertainty of the times. However, people will still choose to remain safe and healthy, and if something can be done online, they will opt for the online route. Proof are the statistics below:

· Digital consumers ballooned to 2.14 billion in 2021. This figure accounts for 27% of the entire human population.

· 18% of global retail sales are from online purchases.

· The primary motivation to buy online is the chance of getting free delivery.

· 33.6% of digital consumers compare prices online through social media, review websites, and other e-commerce platforms/channels.

· 81% of consumers first perform online research before making any decision to buy.

· 81% of consumers also trust the advice of family and friends over online information.

· 58% of people who've had a bad experience online with a brand will walk away – and never return.

Six Ways Digital Marketing Chicago Can Benefit Your Business

More firms are investing in digital marketing initiatives to stay competitive in the wake of tech-savvy and smartphone-dependent consumers. Fortunately, specialists can assist businesses with different marketing goals, from building an effective social media presence to gaining traction via PPC or SEO. In addition, entrepreneurs can learn how to create specific campaigns that respond to the requirements and desires of their target market.

Businesses with limited marketing experience online are more likely to benefit from the services of a seasoned digital marketing agency Schaumburg IL, which can help maximize time and resources while also ensuring a higher return on investment. Below are areas where a business can gain an edge over the competition when it partners with a digital marketing agency.

1. Technology Access

Various disciplines in digital marketing necessitate software, tools, and apps. A competent agency should provide you with the resources to improve your PPC advertising, content marketing efforts, and social media strategy.

Free tools like Hootsuite and Google Analytics are helpful initially, particularly for small enterprises on a budget. However, these are more than adequate for benchmarking competitor sites, keyword research, essential social listening, and other marketing tasks.

However, you will need to eventually invest in premium software to scale your business or use more advanced capabilities. Paid software provides actionable analytics, Big Data tools, in-depth account administration, comprehensive social listening, better campaign features, and most importantly, better automation capabilities. Many agencies obtain premium software at reduced pricing through their circle of technical partners. Working with a digital marketing agency gives you access to their technical expertise and wealth of technology tools.

2. Create High-Impact and Fresh Content

Experts in digital marketing keep up with the latest events and news that may impact your company. Your digital marketing agency should also research your target market (i.e., the questions that consumers frequently ask), so they can generate content that meets these needs.

A competent agency will demonstrate how consumers interact with materials on your property's pages and social media accounts.

For example, is it true in the case of your market that how-to videos generate more views than possible on-page blogs? Is your downloaded content earning the interest of readers? Are your social media posts generating enough interaction? These are the types of insights you can expect from specialists.

Many agencies can help you develop a strong content marketing strategy for each platform. A comprehensive digital marketing agency can usually handle various channels, including PPC ads, social media, off-page posts, on-page content, and more. In addition, the agency should help generate content that is not just appropriate for customer needs but is aligned with your brand's messaging.

3. Develop A Strong Online Presence

They rank first in SERPs, or having a million Facebook fans isn't a prerequisite for establishing an online presence. However, the concepts of having increased social media reach and better SEO do offer significant benefits.

When your digital presence is strong, you can be confident that users will locate you online. Begin by covering the fundamentals: generating accounts and listings following best practices and your target audience's search behavior. We recommend checking out Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and of course, Google My Business.

You can develop sustainable PPC strategies, social media management campaigns, and SEO to increase your online visibility and ROI when you partner with a reliable firm, too. Digital marketing professionals can also help grow your business by creating social communities, targeting the proper keywords for on-page content, and creating optimized content for various platforms.

4. Keep Abreast of Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Search engine optimization is one of the most useful tactics for enhancing a business's online presence and driving traffic is search engine optimization). Google releases algorithm modifications regularly. These changes tend to impact sites across different sectors.

Keep a close eye on the algorithms so your agency can swiftly alter the overall strategy to avoid deindexing or outright penalties.

For example, Google's mobile-friendly upgrade in 2016 impacted many websites that weren't mobile-friendly. Several years ago, only a tiny percentage of businesses paid attention to Google's emerging mobile-first preference. The result? SERPs tanked, and business owners scrambled to familiarize themselves with this emerging new world of smartphone surfing. As a result, the age of the desktop agent has ended.

Keywords, backlinks, and content are often used to initiate and sustain SEO campaigns. However, let's not forget about responsive web design, page performance, and site architecture, either.

5. Analyze and Monitor Campaign Analytics

To determine the effectiveness of a digital marketing blueprint, it should be re-evaluated regularly and towards the end of the campaign. The crucial thing here is to compare the efficacy of your marketing strategy to the goals you and your partner established beforehand. Then, while the drive is still ongoing, the evaluations identify areas for improvement so that methods can be appropriately adjusted.

Another set of evaluations should be undertaken several months following the campaign to determine the influence of the strategies on your company's performance. The information and data you obtain should be used as a guide for your future campaign, ensuring that the targeting is more precise, the messaging is more effective, and the methods are more intelligent.

6. Improve Your Budget Management

Digital marketing firms can provide expert assistance in developing a realistic budget plan for different campaigns. The agency's initial study will identify which platforms perform best and worst, allowing the business to make critical decisions that will shape the marketing effort's direction. This ensures that your marketing budget is spent well and that it will improve upon the existing weaknesses of your entire marketing effort while maintaining its strengths.

Outsourcing digital marketing, in our opinion, opens a plethora of growth prospects for your company. Through an inventive, compelling digital campaign, industry experts can give you the skills, knowledge, and resources you need to scale up your business, access new markets, and build significant customer relationships.

Types of Digital Marketing

Since the internet and its various cohorts are in flux, entrepreneurs should be aware of the effective channels to do marketing. The ones listed below have weathered the internet's constant changes and have come up on top as the most effective venues for marketing a digital business.


Google had about 93% of the global search engine market share by the end of 2019. So it's no surprise that Google Ads is the most widely used PPC advertising platform on the planet. In 2020, customers conducted more than 160 billion monthly searches on Google alone.

With the worldwide turmoil of 2020 and 2021, it is riskier than ever to leave your PPC campaigns stationary. So it's time to examine and renew your PPC ads on Google and other platforms, keeping in mind solid best practices as well as new trends and upgrades for the new year if you haven't already.

Content Marketing

The process of designing, developing, and sharing information with your target audience is known as content marketing. It aids in creating brand recognition, influencing customers to act, and income generation efforts. There are many different sorts of content marketing, such as social media and blogs, and new trends and strategies alter how businesses communicate with their customers yearly. As a marketer, you must understand what your competitors focus on to develop a plan and differentiate your business.

Email Marketing

All online marketing methods, including SEO, PPC, and content marketing, outperform email marketing! Therefore, any marketing strategy should include an email marketing strategy. Email is the most cost-effective method of promoting your products, communicating with clients, and achieving your company objectives.

Personalization begins long before you press the "send" button. It all starts with the registration form. You will be severely limited in your personalized communication if customers do not provide their name, location, and company. Always remember only to request the information you require, not the information you desire. One of the ways GDPR has impacted marketing teams is in this way.

Social Media Marketing

The pandemic has given business owners and other decision-makers a deeper appreciation for social media, which emerged as the most vital bridge for engaging with clients and customers after many traditional methods failed in the past two years.

In addition, 85% of firms that integrate social data into other platforms believe they can evaluate social media ROI accurately. To bridge the gap between engagement and client identity, marketers will mix more consumer data with social data in 2021.

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