• Jerry Hall

21 Top 2021 Digital Marketing Myths

Updated: Jul 23

I’m Jerry a business owner outside Chicago and get asked many great questions daily. Below are the ones I feel are the top marketing myths every business owner should know.

Food for thought…accounting has a standard audit why doesn’t digital marketing?

1. How do I know if my marketing is working? That question points to its likely not working ;^)

2. What is the best type of marketing? Referrals and networking (outbound) then (inbound) Google. Being found by your services, not just your business name organically “not paid”.

3. What is SEO? Search Engines Optimization is the process of following Google’s best practices to outrank your competition for keywords.

4. Is Dex, YP, Yelp, mailings, BBB, extra websites, etc… help with leads? No, the majority of your marketing efforts aren’t measured properly. A quarter of your marketing spend can be canceled with minimum lead generation loss.