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Social Media Services

* The Daily Plan - One daily post to Facebook and one network of your choice.

* The Unique Plan - Two daily posts; one to Facebook and the second to one network of your choice. 

​* The Double Daily Plan - Two daily posts to Facebook and one network of your choice. ​

* The Content is King Plan - Two daily posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, two weekly posts to Instagram, and one monthly blog post.

​* The Growth Plan - One daily post to Facebook and two networks of your choice​

* The Enterprise Plan (formerly Ultimate Plan) - Two daily posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, five weekly posts to Instagram, Facebook Ads 

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Everyone knows they should be on social but, how do you keep up? You need to be posting daily (if not multiple times per day) to keep up. Let our social media automation put your social posts on autopilot!

Social Media Automation Makes Your Business Look Active and Relevant in the Social Media Landscape

Don’t let your business fall behind your competition because they’re winning at social. Implement our professional social media automation strategies to stay ahead of the curve.


You provide the posts and we will manage and automate your posting schedules across all platforms like Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, and more.


Did you know the big seven aren’t all that’s out there? There are over 50 different social media sites that could be building buzz for your business. With Social Eye Media handling your social media automation you no longer have to worry about being out of the loop or missing the boat ever again.

Do you struggle with what to post about your business on social? Never know what to share, have trouble with the whole hashtag thing, can’t fit your thoughts into 140 characters? Let us do it for you!

Our Professional Social Media Masters Are Ready to Boost Your Business’s Visibility and Brand Awareness

Social Eye Media has an eye for social media. We have six different plans to choose from and can tailor any of them to your business.


We want you to stand out from your competition. Whether that be by posting daily on Facebook or going Enterprise and posting multiple times a day across all the top networks, we have your back.


Our social media content team specializes in crafting posts that are fluent in the native language of that platform while also ringing true to your personal brand voice. Couple that with our social media automation service and you have a winning combination that will have the phone ringing in no time.


Contact Us Today to Jump Into Social Media With Both Feet and Begin Your Social Media Automation Campaign!

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