Social Eye Media is focused on helping small-midsize businesses B2B or B2C, see more leads from new prospects.  We are a very flexible local marketing boutique.  This allows us to easily adapt and keep our prices low. You can't afford not to reach us.


We believe referrals (word of mouth) are the holy grail, outbound sales are expensive, time-consuming and inbound sales are more efficient and often overlooked.



Social Eye Media is unique in our approach, pricing and how we are measured. 


We combine marketing & sales to focus on proven results, month after month. We focus on making Chicagoland small businesses more money by addressing your lowest (digital) hanging fruit.



Most digital marketing and (SEO) search engine optimization agencies will charge you a monthly fee, or thousands of dollars, not us.  The majority of the work is done upfront and then just needs to be monitored and tweaked accordingly.


Don't take our word for it just look at your Google Analytics & Google Business statistics. These numbers don't lie (we set this up too). A 100-year-old quote which still holds true today. "I think 50% of my marketing is working, however, I'm just not sure which 50% it is".



Retaining & growing your current customers is key, however, signing on new customers each month is necessary for growth. Prospects only reach out to new businesses after completing 75% of their own internet research (reviews, comparison & pricing). 10 years ago, it was 25%.  What will it be like in 5 years?


4-Steps to Success - in Ranking Order (Secret Sauce)


Some client's jump right into phase two or three because they passed all our Google tests. Others are happy just implementing phases one.  Set it and forget it, go big, go home, your call.


#1 Google SEO = Increase inbound free (organic) leads

  • Website keyword optimization, meta/tag data entry, Google local search,

  • Google Maps, Google analytics, and reporting.


#2 Optimize Website = Automate & analyze your website with high impact tweaks

  • Best practice website test, heat-map recording, plugins & prospect tracking. 

  • Report analysis of issues and how we or someone else can fix them.

  • Live chat box, exit pop-ups, forms, and download offers to gather contact information.


#3 Social Media Marketing = Spend a couple hundred to make a thousand.

  • Google Ads, Bing, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc... We do it all.

  • Ad images/video creation, A/B testing, call to action & analysis review.


#4 Content is King = Content creation & e-mail marketing consulting

  • Dramatically increase your SEO ranking & inbound sales thru great content. 

  • Anticipate all your prospects questions & concerns with blogs, articles and e-mail blast.

We believe almost all business problems can be solved by dramatically increasing revenue thru new and existing business.  If you to believe this then tell us how we may reach out to you.

Free - 50 Tips on Social Media (Best Practice)



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Social Eye Media

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