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Proven results, guaranteed. Let's blow away your revenue stretch goals: 

SEM (Socia Eye Media) is unique because we guarantee our results and earn your business every month. SEM practices the next level in big data AI (artificial intelligence) real-time targeting for new stem cell patients actively looking right now within a 25-miles radius of each of your practices.


SEM top benefit come by getting our Stem Cell clients new patients every day so they can in turn heal their patient's pain naturally".

Getting right to the point… If you have the capacity for more stem cell patients right now and want a quick return on investment please read on.

  • SEM has big data on 225 million US consumers with real-time AI behavior learning. If they're looking we are actively pursuing them digitally, everywhere.

  • Our fast learning AI and purchasing your ad space on a discounted open market will lower your cost per lead every month.

  • Our priority 6-multichannel outreach and AI appointment booking solution will outperform any appointment setters at a fraction of the cost.

  • Not to mention, SEM always sees huge success in retargeting your past patients "no shows" and "no response", when done our way.  

To recap: 

If you have the capacity for more patients right now and want a quick return on investment just let your fingers do the walking and typing below.

Stem Cell Provider

     My name is Jerry and I grew up on the South Side of Chicago. My wife and I live in Naperville IL where we have a 15-year-old son and a 13 and 12-year-old daughter.  I'm the owner of Social Eye Media (SEM) with 20+ years of sales and marketing experience. I appreciate what stem cell has to offer and proud to specialize in Stem Cell Patient Acquisition, A.I. Data & Automation.

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SEM is helping stem-cell offices and clinics nationwide reach full booking capacities month after month.  We only use digital marketing solutions that work and help you to, be found™. SEM's 6-multi-channel communication tool, speed to lead™ is the next generation one of it's kind AI appointment booking and productivity solution. This solution alone will dramatically increase your conversation rates all while lowing your ad cost.

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